USDA Home Loans in NC and SC
A No Down-Payment home purchase

Many parts of the Carolinas qualify for USDA home loans.  This no down-payment loan is insured by the government and is one of our most popular loan programs.  There are eligible areas for usda loans and ineligible usda areas for usda home loans. There are also income limits. 

USDA Maps : Find eligible areas in NC and SC for a usda home loan. 
USDA Income : Find
income limit information for Carolina's usda loans.  

Also, USDA is an attractive option for first-time homebuyers.

In order to get pre-qualified with us for a USDA loan, buyers’ middle credit scores must be over 600 and the sales price of the home being purchased must be over $100,000. 
If you fit these requirements, get pre-approved for USDA!

usda home loan
North Carolina USDA loans and South Carolina USDA loans
We offer NC USDA loans and SC USDA loans, from Charlotte USDA, Raleigh USDA, Greenville USDA, Asheville usda, Fort Mill USDA to Myrtle Beach USDA, no matter what city, 
just ask us about a usda mortgage!

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